"As any working parent knows there can be anxiety when placing the care of your child(ren) in someone else's hands but I can't say enough about Kristen and Emily's ability to ease that anxiety. The two go above and beyond what is asked and expected of them as employee's and take on more of a parental role when caring for children. The true compassion that Kristen and Emily have for children and education is what I believe sets them apart from other daycare providers. It gives me a sense of ease and comfort with daily drop off just knowing my children are in the hands of Emily and Kristen!"
-Kathryn Kahn

"Miss Kistler has been and is still a great child care provider. She was my children's Pre-K teacher and they loved going to school and learning with her. She makes all children feel special and makes learning fun! She continues to babysit for our family."
-Darcy Kafer

"Having Kristen and Emily in our lives has been such a blessing for my family. My three children have been in the care of Kristen and Emily since my oldest was three months old. Over the past six years, Kristen and Emily have cared for my children with love, patience and support. Further, they have made such a positive impact on their growth and development. My oldest son recently made a smooth transition to kindergarten and I am confident my other two children will be well prepared to do the same when the time comes. My children light up when they spend time with Kristen and Emily and this means so much to me knowing they are safe and happy when I leave them. There are not enough words to express how wonderful these ladies are, I am so grateful for everything they do for our family. They are truly meant to work with children. I highly recommend the Solon Learning Academy to any parent looking for a safe and fun learning environment for their children. Trust me, they will be in good hands."
-Jessica Wade

"My kids loved being in Kristen and Emily's classroom and still talk about the fun they had.  They learned a lot and always wanted to go back the next day. Kristen and Emily would be our first choices for a preschool teacher!"
- Anonymus

"As a former co-worker of Emily and Kristen, I have seen firsthand how passionate they are about the development of children.  They are both incredibly hardworking, positive and dedicated, all of which I believe are qualities needed to run a successful daycare.  If my husband and I still lived in eastern Iowa, we would not hesitate to send our daughter to the Solon Learning Academy.  I'm wishing them nothing but success."
-Katie Pronk

"We have grown to know Kristen and Emily over the last four years as much more than daycare providers, but now as friends of our family. While my husband and I were working long hours my children were given much more than just a place to reside, they were given an environment of love, respect and learning. I give praise to Kristen and Emily for creating such a positive environment that allows children to have fun while learning. When I think about who I want as role models for my children, both Kristen and Emily come to mind because of the values they teach and passion they display. You will not find two people more loving, genuine and trustworthy than these two. Each time I have to leave my children I know, through the excitement shown on their faces, that I have made the best choice for their well-being. Kristen and Emily have taken care of my children as if they were their own, which is why I highly recommend their care and guidance to anyone! We love you Kristen and Emily!!"
-Bree Clark

"Emily and Kristen have cared for our boys from toddlerhood through pre-kindergarten. For each childhood stage, Emily and Kristen provided caring, safe, enriched environments in which our boys could learn and thrive. They are fully engaged with the children and clearly enjoy their time with them; our boys adore them in return. Emily and Kristen are what every parent looks for in childcare providers and teachers: smart, fun, creative and dedicated. Our family is blessed to have known them."
-Marcia Leick

"Kristen and Emily are wonderful educators and care providers to young children. Emily cared for our daughter from the time she was six months old until four years of age. We were lucky that as Emily transitioned to caring for older children, Madeline’s transition timeframe matched up at nearly the same pace.  Madeline learned so much from Emily during that time and developed a strong bond with her… there was never a “new parent” reservation about leaving her with Emily. Madeline was excited to see her, which made the drop offs so much easier for us.
When Madeline entered Pre-K, Kristen became her teacher. Kristen’s desire to keep things fun and alive in the room for the kids was apparent. As a parent, we knew each day what their daily activities had been, what letters/concepts or topics were being taught and could see firsthand how much Madeline was learning.  Madeline continues to talk about Kristen, the field trips and various other activities she did while in Pre-K.
As a parent, we appreciated that our child was being taught and cared for by such intelligent young women who have earned degrees in early childhood education. Now that our daughter is in kindergarten, we have heard repeatedly how well prepared she was and how much an impact her early childhood education has had on her positive transition into elementary school. We are grateful for the positive influence Emily and Kristen have had on our daughter."
 -Amy and Dan Austin

"Through working alongside Emily and Kristen, I have been able to see the effort they put into building relationships with the children and their parents. They have their own unique way of reaching out to every single child to find strengths and weaknesses and build upon them. They incorporate a wide variety of games, group work and fun activities to make learning fun and enjoyable. Both young women take a sense of pride in their jobs and it shows in their curriculums and classrooms. I have never seen anyone put in so much time and energy outside of work to make sure the lesson plans correlate with the children's interests and encourage learning. It is a pleasure to watch these two young ladies set an amazing example for childcare providers and other teachers."
-Megan Arndt

"Choosing childcare and trusting others to care for your children is one of the hardest decisions a parent has to make.  We have been lucky that Emily and Kristen have been present in our children’s daycare setting over the past 6 years.  They are two very special people and each have their own unique strengths.  My two daughters adore them and are elated each and every time they see one of them.  I witness the same reaction in all of the kids they are in contact with.  Kristen and Emily’s enthusiasm is apparent each and every day they go to work.  They have a tremendous work ethic and care very much about the children under their care.  I am so thankful to have them in our lives and know that my children have thrived as a result of Kristen and Emily’s influence in their lives.  I could not recommend two better people to entrust your children and their academic, social and emotional well-being with."
-Carrie Evans

"Kristen has been caring for my daughter since she was 6 months old. I have absolute faith in her care while at daycare, knowing Kristen is there with her. This year my daughter entered Pre-K and we are so fortunate to have Miss Kristen as our teacher! We are only a few months into our school year, but she is learning to read and her writing skills have improved so much. I believe this is all due to the care Kristen puts into her lesson plans and the time she spends with the kids. 
Emily was our primary teacher when my daughter reached the 3 year old room. Emily brought such enthusiasm to each day that my daughter loved going to school. She provided structure and support to the classroom that really allowed the children to develop at their own pace. Their day was structure to encourage free play, and I feel like Emily really helped them thrive because she was such a positive force in the classroom."
-Leslie Keune

"I have known Kristen and Emily for a long time.  I first met Emily when I started taking my son, Owen, to daycare in 2007 when he was an infant.  She soon became one of his most loved teachers and therefore, a regular baby sitter for us.  Owen is now 6 years old and we have two other sons, ages 4 and 1, whom Emily has helped care for over the years.  Kristen became Owen’s Pre-K teacher last fall and now has our son Max.  She is also there to greet our 1-year-old each morning.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about these two gals!  They make our sons feel so special!  How do you express your thanks to two individuals who love your children almost as much as you do?  That’s such a rare quality to find in anyone.  My children adore them as do my husband and I."
-Bridget Drapeaux

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